Enhanced music and visuals to help improve the fundamentals of health.

soundBrilliance is an innovative digital health company using enhanced music, psychology, & measurement techniques to create tools & exercises which empower people to better self-manage fundamental health – emotional balance, fitness, quality sleep & pain control.

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At soundBrilliance, we are enhancing the impact of Artists’ creativity and aligning the power of music with clinical science to create personalized, impactful, research validated, listener-directed experiences.


Balanced, grounded presence, increased mental clarity and control


Increased energy and performance, elevated creative productivity


Directed focus, attention to function and body signals, which may moderate pain response


Improved restoration of body and mind, enhanced physiologic response to stress

Healing arts & sciences

Using neurologically backed science and technology, we have enhanced the creative genius of Artists and their music to help support a better sense of calm, comfort, recovery, and motivation.

Artists create music, soundBrilliance makes music more effective

Music consists of a series of frequencies which are interpreted by the brain in different ways. By re-engineering targeted frequencies, we seek to unlock the ability to enhance the desired neurological potential of music. soundBrilliance not only creates stimuli, but also provides direction and reinforcing measurement, which fosters insight, repetition and may improve sense of self-control.

The audio difference

soundBrilliance enhances the way the human brain experiences sound. Our ambition is to harmonize audiovisual technology, neuroscience, behavioral psychology and machine learning to empower individuals with greater sense of self-direction, comfort and control of their mind and environment. 

The future will engage the full range of senses for the most impactful experience.

Taking the impact of our sonic and visual experiences into the future, we are advancing the capacity to feel a digital environment harmonizing natural tactile sensations. We are developing biometric direction and interactive virtual experiences to positively impact mental wellbeing. We are also exploring the addition of olfactory and taste for a fully immersive experience.



Hear from individuals who have interacted with the experiences.

soundBrilliance is a digital health company committed to positively impact the human condition at a critical time in history. We are an innovation lab developing new technologies and engaging in research studies to further improve and validate our experiences.

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